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Hand Tied Extensions

I have an Elite Certification in Harper Ellis Hair Co. hand tied, beaded row extensions. Hand tied extensions are the gentlest and most natural looking method! I can customize your extensions to your dream hair goals. Whether that's a complete transformation in length/color or just adding a few wefts to fill in your already classic style. 

I personally have been wearing them for 3+ years and I love them. 

The length and confidence boost it provides for my otherwise lifeless hair is unmatched! 


Consultation is required.

If you're considering extensions, your first step will be booking a consultation. We will communicate about your goals, I will color match you and go over installation options.

If you decide to go for it, I will collect a non refundable deposit (the cost of your hair) and we will book your install.

Long Blond Hair

Initial Install 

This appointment includes custom colored extensions, hand tied hair installation, cut and style.


Depending on the look we choose, your appointment can be anywhere from 2-4 hours.

We'll take before and after photos.


Plus I will be sending you home with comprehensive aftercare instructions. 

This is so important to follow for your new look!

Long Blond Hair
Thick Braids


Extensions will need to be moved up with your every 6-8 weeks, depending on your growth rate.  

1 row move up is $185

2 row move up is $280

3 row move up is $375

Hair will need to be replaced every 7-12 months, this depends on how well you maintain the hair.

You can curl it, braid it, wear it in a pony tail. 

You can swim in your hair but keep Sunscreen off the hair!

Most sunscreen will tint your hair an orange color due to a chemical reaction. Mineral sunscreens are SAFE! 

PLEASE invest in salon quality hair care products. They will greatly extend the life of your hair. I use and sell UNITE products. I'm happy to stock you up!

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